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Last updated : Nov 2009
Cairo Sports
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Cairenes are sports fans, as participants and also as spectators.


There are weekly sessions on Tuesday evenings from 7.30 pm at the British International School, 5 Mishil Lutfallah in Zamalek (telephone number: (02) 536 2378).


The Cairo Cyclists (telephone number: (02) 352 6310) can offer details of their regular Friday and Saturday morning cycle rides, which start outside the Cairo American College, Midan Digla at 8.00 am.


Diving is a popular activity in Egypt, which has some of the best diving in the world in the Red Sea. Staying in Cairo has no restrictions, as the Cairo Divers Group (telephone number: (02) 570 3242) organises regular excursions and also meets on the 1st Monday of each month at the Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel, Corniche el-Nil, Garden City (telephone number: (02) 355 7171).

Fitness centres

These are popular in Cairo, although not all are as sophisticated as their Western counterparts and it is wise to check facilities first. Most are located in international hotels, and are usually open to non-residents.

There is a 3,000 square metre (32,291 square feet) Gold's Gym on the 8th / 9th floors of the Maadi Palace Mall (telephone number: (02) 378 5592 or 375 3601), with a women-only gym, mixed gym, Jacuzzi and sauna. In several gyms, male and female activities are normally conducted separately and, if sharing facilities, then more time is allocated to the men.

There is a predominantly good gym at the Nile Hilton, Midan Tahrir (telephone number: (02) 578 0444), and Splash at the Cairo Marriott, Sharia Saray el-Gezira (telephone number: (02) 340 8888), has rowing and cycling machines alongside sauna, pool and tennis facilities.


Football is as popular here as anywhere else in the world and there is a strong national side, mostly made up of players from the two rival Cairo teams, al-Ahly (telephone number: (02) 340 2114) and Zamalek (telephone number: (02) 340 5690). These share the Cairo Stadium in Heliopolis (telephone number: (02) 260 7863 or 7865), playing on Friday, Saturday or Sunday from September to May.


Golf in Egypt is developing fast. There are courses in and around the city.

The Mena House Hotel and Golf Club (telephone number: (02) 383 3444 or 3222) is an 18-hole, 9-fairway course in Giza, within sight of the pyramids and Green fees start at E£20, whilst the Gezira Club (telephone number: (02) 341 5270 or 340 6000) is an 18-hole course in Zamalek.

Further afield is the Dreamland Golf Course (telephone number: (011) 400577), an 18-hole course in the desert some 8 kilometres (5 miles) beyond the Pyramids and fees here start at E£150. Near Heliopolis, the Katameya Heights Golf and Tennis Resort (telephone number: (02) 758 0512) has 27 holes and a ‘tennis ranch’.


Horseracing takes place from October/November to May at the Heliopolis Hippodrome (telephone number: (02) 241 7086 or 7134) and the Gezira Sporting Club (telephone number: (02) 341 0434 or 6006) on Saturdays and Sundays from 1.30 pm. The Egyptian Gazette carries details of events in Cairo.


Excellent riders can hire a horse and guide for the day at the Pyramids. This generally involves a 3-hour trip across the desert to Saqqara (see Excursions). This ride can be quite demanding and is not for beginners.


There are many rowing clubs in the city, congregating on the east bank of the River Nile between Giza and Embaba. It is achievable to join a crew at the al-Nil Sporting Club, near Kubbri ’Abbas on the Corniche at Giza (telephone number: (02) 393 4350). For those who just want to spectate, Friday is the big rowing day.


The Cairo branch of the international running network, The Hash House Harriers, meets every Friday afternoon / evening for non-competitive runs around the city (telephone number: (02) 340 0820).


Many of the good hotels have their own swimming pools, but non-residents’ fees can be quite high. Swimming in the Nile is not advised due to the risk of bilharzia or giardia.


Tennis is well liked in Cairo and major hotels, including the Marriott, Sharia Saray el-Gezira (telephone number: (02) 340 8888), and the Nile Hilton, Midan Tahrir (telephone number: (02) 578 0444), have their own courts, open to non-residents. Several have tennis pros for hire, and the courts are made of clay. The Katameya Heights Golf and Tennis Resort (see Golf above) has a ‘tennis ranch’.