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Last updated : Nov 2009
Cairo - Egypt uncovered begins!
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Cairo, Egypt
October 3rd, 2005

Pros : The pyramids, still original and looking fantastic
Cons : Driving at you when trying to cross the road..

Egypt uncovered was the name of our tour. It was called kings and mountains tour. We met our whole group. Very nice people from bellgium, australia, new york. The first day we went to the Saqqara pyramid. THis is the first step pyramid every built. AFter this the great pyramids were built. OUr tour guides name was Ihab. Great guy. He was an Egyptologist. He Knew EVERYTHING. I would never recommend goign to Egypt without a tour. They take care of you and inform you about all the history. I cannot tell you how exciting it was to see this pyramid. All your life you hear about the pyramids and egyptians and finally i was here to see it for myself. UNBELIEVABLE. YOu will hear me say this in every entry about Egypt. It is really the greatest place i have ever been in my life. Why? You will hear about it all. First i will go day by day.

The history behind the pyramids and the egpyptians is so interesting i think. I have learned soo much and i woudl love to tell all but time is precious hahhaha. Bascially there were 30 dynasties. Our tour went through all the dynasties in order from first to last. THe pyramids age are not known by anyone really. Some say 250 000 BC. HOw crazy is that. The pyramids are in better condition than ANYTHING IN EUROPE. The Acropolis for exampe has been destroyed and restored many many times. The pyramids, still original and looking fantastic. NExt we went to a purfume factory were almost all of the world best cologne and perfumes come from. Egypt is a major exporter for this. YOu can get any brand from here and at a tenth of the cost and it has no chemicals in it. Almost everything you wear comes from the flowers in Egpyt. After this we went to the Citadel which was made by Mohamed Ali. NOt the boxer hahaha. He was turkish. THis guy striped all the limestone from the great pyramids and built this citadel with it (SUCH A SAME). Then we went to visit Coptic Cairo. About 10% of the population is christian in Egypt. We went to see all the churches first built by the christians. SO egypt is also a very significant place for christianity. Much of its origins have links to Egypt.

SO we did all this in one day. Everyday in Egypt was action packed. Soo interesting. I tasted the local food (Koshari)and just got accustomed to the culture. At night we went to Mc D's. I forogt to mention. Egypt is soooooooooooooo cheap. By far the cheapest place we have been too. ON our way to Mcd's we had to cross the raod. THis sounds like no big taks but i was one of the most difficult things i have ever done hahahah. LIke i said before, the traffic is crazy. We had to cross a main raod with 10 lanes. This would be no problem in Canada except Egypt doesnt have any pedestrian cross walks. CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. You have to sprint across the road and hope you dont get hit. People are driving 60 km/hr and you have to dogged the cars. It took like 20 mins for us to get the courage to cross the road. ALl the locals were laughing. Although not many motor accidents, many people die everyday because of crossing the raod. It was the craziest thing i have ever had to do. SOo easy to get hit. I just followed a few ladies and prayed i would make it on the other side. The rest of the group never crossed the road again. I did though hahahahah. It was such a rush hahahha. 6 pack of nuggets are 1 canadian dollar to give you an idea of how inexpensicve it is. That was just day 2. 12 days to go