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Last updated : Nov 2009
Cairo and beyond
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Cairo, Egypt
September 7th, 2003

Pros: Diving in the Red Sea
Cons: people charging entrance fee for a free entry mosque

Well at the moment as some of you know I have left my job in England and have headed to Egypt for a month. So far we have been here for just under a week - a few days in Cairo and now a few days in Dahub (Saini Peninsula). Saw the pyramids and the Egyptian Museum in Cairo including King Tut's death mask and lots of stuff from his tomb and then even more stuff from other tombs and carvings. Today I have completed my Open water course which I started in London. Diving in the Red Sea with water temp of about 27C and loads of visibility and even more fish and coral. Pretty darn hard!! Plans for the next few days are more diving and then the advanced course and then more diving and then who knows. Last nights dinner was on the expensive side for Egypt - I had soup, dips and pita bread and salad and a large fresh whole fish with rissoto, grilled veges and chips, a coke and some mint tea and the total cost was equal to under 4 pound (AU$10). It was magifigant food and a cool restraunt on the beach with some tunes and great atmosphere. Life is tough!!! That was an expensive meal as some of the other meals like falafel in pita and salad cost 10p (AU 30 cent) or a traditional pasta dish costs about 30p (less than one Aussie dollar).

Weather is hot and dry and the Egyptians are friendly enough all the time except when they are trying to get some money out of you for any deal they can come up with which inc - selling papyrus prints for heaps, bus trips for double the price, tours for lots, taxi rides for stupid amounts and even some people taking money to go into a free entry mosque (we were ripped off for that!!) Everything is great and the most dangerous thing we have seen (apart from the crazy driving which is no different from any similar country) is a dog barking loudly at a kid!!!!