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Last updated : Nov 2009
The Sinai
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Sharm el-Sheik, Dahab, Egypt
January 21st, 2005

Pros: Fabulous snorkelling
Cons: Oh how I miss the prices of SE Asia.

After our film-making debut in Petra Mike and I got on the ""fast"" ferry to Nuweiba, Egypt from Aqabe, Jordan. Much running around and confusion. Expensive but far better than taking the slow ferry. By nightfall we arrived in Sharm el-Sheik. Not at all a place I have been recommended except for the diving. Its full of tour groups who don't deign to speak to backpackers and feels like an Egpytian Las Vegas but not as fun. By this point, having negotiated everything for two people for 5 days, as opposed to just myself, I was stressed big time. Then some Arab guy tried to up the price on a dive 100% and I just about lost it on him. So we spent a day on the beach as I took a mini-vacation from my travels. At last I did my diving. It was good to be in the water again but the diving wasn't spectacular. The coral near the shoreline has had the shit kicked out of it by development and divers. Mike, the materialistic bastard, was loving Sharm.

Next we headed up the coast to Dahab, a noted backpacker chill-out area. Awesome place, totally recommend it. Stay at Bishbishi. Very clean, new rooms with friendly staff and near Penguin Divers which is cheap but very professional. The chill-out Bedouin lounges overlooking the Red Sea were great and we spent hours there just talking to other backpackers and sipping juices and chocolate milkshakes. Mike and I spent a ridiculous amount of time playing Ages of Empire II. We did a camel trek to a Bedouin sea-side village. His damn camel bit mine so hard its ass was bleeding and it went berserk on me. If not for equestrian experience I would have been thrown and let me tell you a camel is a lot taller than a horse. We did some fabulous snorkelling as well. In fact the snorkelling is just as good if not better than the diving around the Red Sea. I did one more dive cause it was so cheap there. Glad I did cause I saw a big red octopus! My first one and we watched it munch coral and then tentacle its way over the rocks. A couple good nights out dancing in Sharm and Dahab but nothing incredible. The we powered up the laptop and got ready for our ride back to Israel. Its great that Mike has his laptop cause I'm catching up on all the movies I've missed while traveling. I've also totally busted my budget while traveling with Mike. Easy to do when you are diving and see expensive sights like Petra, as well as eating at decent, non-street places. Oh how I miss the prices of SE Asia.