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Last updated : Nov 2009
Off to Marruecos
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Tetuan, Morocco
November 25th, 2005

Pros: Pretty much my favourite tour guide ever.
Cons: None

Well, after giving a huge presentation about Opus Dei for my civilization and culture course, i ran home to pack and get to the bus going to Marruecos (which is spanish for Morroco). I went with a group with a guide and everything so no one should be worried. Plus, it was super fun because i went with friends.

So the first oh, 4 and a half hours were spent in just getting to Marruecos. We left from Granada, made a stop in Málaga, then went to the Puerto (port) then on a boat to Ceuta which is actually a spanish city in Morroco.

Fun times on the bus. (not really) Well, going through the checkpoint to actually enter into Marruecos our tour guide got on the bus and started telling us a little about the country and all that. He was HILARIOUS! Pretty much my favourite tour guide ever...and i´ve had quite a few here in spain. In ever city we go to visit we have a tour guide who tells us about the history behind everything in the city and it´s informative and everything but not quite as fun as it could be. This guy was incredible. He spoke Arabic (of course, he´s from Marruecos...he´s Marroqui), he spoke french, german, spanish, english and maybe russian but i don´t remember exactly. He taught us how to say thank you in Arabic, shacran (i´m making up the spelling, i just know how to say it). Every so often he´d be like, "Shacran. I love you." or "Shacran. I love you more." Apparently we made his work easy because we all (pretty much) spoke spanish. To be honest, his spanish was easier to understand than his english, but maybe that´s because i had come out of a week of speaking spanish. His english was perfectly fine. He´d always start in spanish and then repeat in english..."So guys, as i just said..." and then in spanish, "bueno, acabo de decir que..." I don´t know how to explain it well because most of what i thought was so funny only makes sense because it´s half in english and half in spanish. He was funny in both languages but you guys are only going to understand the english part, and it doesn´t sound so funny. Just believe me when i tell you he was a crack up. Bueno, well, by the time we got to the hotel it was time for dinner and then bed. I really liked the food, and i ended up rooming with this really nice girl from one of my classes back at CLM. (my school in spain)