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Seychelles Communications
Seychelles Communications -

There are several internet cafes located on Mahe and the larger hotels have arrangements for visitors to obtain a temporary guest account.


The main post office is located in Victoria. Airmail collections are at 1500 hrs weekdays and 1200 hrs Saturdays.

Airmail to Western Europe normally takes up to 7 days.

Post office hours: Monday-Friday 0800-1600 hrs, Saturday 0800-1200 hrs.


The government controls much of the Seychelles' media, and operates the only radio and TV stations and the one daily newspaper.

Seychelles Nation is an English-language newspaper (morning daily, not available on Sundays), Regar is an opposition weekly publication.


Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation operates national mediumwave (AM) services and music station Paradise FM.

The BBC World Service and Radio France Internationale are also available.

Telephone - land line

 IDD is available.
 Country dialing code is 248.

Phonecards are available.

SEYTELS offers a 24-hour service for telegrams, telephones and faxes from SEYTELS/Cable & Wireless Ltd, Francis Rachel Street, Victoria, Mahé.

Telephone - mobile

Roaming agreements exist with some of the international mobile phone companies.


State-run SBC TV is operated by Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation (SBC).
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