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Last updated : Nov 2009
Seychelles Duty Free
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The following items may be imported into the Seychelles by persons of 18 years and over without incurring customs duty:

  400 cigarettes or 500g of tobacco
  2 litres of spirits or 2 litres of wine
  200ml of perfume or eau de toilette
  other items not exceeding SRs3000, 1 video camera and 1 camera; musical instrument, portable electronic or electric equipment, sports requisites and leisure equipment.

Prohibited items

The import of non-prescribed drugs and all firearms, including
air pistols, air rifles and spearfishing guns
plants and plant products
animals and animal products,
radioactive substances and apparatus
dangerous drugs
biological specimens
fireworks and explosives
medicines and poisons are prohibited, unless prior authorisation has been granted.

Video tapes must be declared and could be retained for security reasons.

The import of animals and food and other agricultural produce is strictly controlled and is subject to licensing.

Restricted exports

Shells, processed or live fish, unprocessed coco-de-mer and live tortoises may not be exported.