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Last updated : Nov 2009
South Africa Getting There - International Travel
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The national airline is South African Airways (SA). There are frequent direct and indirect flights by several major airlines from destinations throughout Europe and North America.

Approximate flight times

Approximate times are as follows:

  It takes 8 hours traveling from Cape Town to London.
  It takes 12 hours and 20 minutes traveling from Durban to    London.
  It takes 11 hours and 10 minutes traveling from Johannesburg to    London. 
  It takes 9 hours and 50 minutes traveling from Johannesburg to    New York.

Bloemfontein International Airport

Bloemfontein (BFN) (Bloemfontein International) is 10 kilometres (6 miles) east of the city (travel time is 15 minutes).

Transport to and from the airport

There is an airport shuttle bus to the city centre which leaves from outside the airport building. Taxis are also accessible.

Airport facilities

Bloemfontein airport offers ATMs, restaurants, car hire and conference facilities.

Alternate International Airports

For details on Cape Town Airport, Durban Airport, Johannesburg Airport and Port Elizabeth Airport please see separate pages.


The main ports in South Africa are in Cape Town, Durban, East London and Port Elizabeth. Cruises are offered by several different companies between South Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.


There are major routes into South Africa from Botswana (via Ramatlabama), Lesotho, Mozambique (now open after a long wa, please check with local police about state of road and safety), Swaziland, Namibia and Zimbabwe (via Beit Bridge).


The main rail routes are from South Africa to Zimbabwe, Botswana and Mozambique. Please contact South African Railways (SPOORNET) for further information.
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