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Johannesburg City Statistics
Johannesburg City Overview - TravelPuppy.com
Location Gauteng Province, South Africa.
Country dialling code 27. As of May 2002, all local numbers dialled,
even from within Johannesburg, should have
had to be preceded by the area code (011), however this is yet to applied.
Population 3.2 million (Johannesburg city), 7.3 million
(Gauteng Province).
Ethnic mix 3.7% Asian (anticipated to rise to 4% by 2010) 6.5% coloured (anticipated to remain
constant) 17.4% white (anticipated to drop to 14.8% by 2010) 72% black (anticipated to
rise to 74.7% by 2010)
Religion 1% Hindu, 2% other, 3% Muslim, 4% Jewish,
90% Christian.
Time zone GMT + 2.
Electricity 220 volts AC, 50Hz, round 3 pin plugs are
Average January temp 20°C (68°F).
Average July temp 10°C (51°F).
Annual rainfall 720 mm (28.8 inches).