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Last updated : Nov 2009
Johannesburg Culture Guide
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Until 1994, the policy of apartheid or separate development divided Johannesburg into so called White, Black, Coloured and Indian residential areas and the city’s cultural landscape reflected this. Also, the white community was further separated along the language line, with the English speakers living in distinctive communities, as did the Afrikaans speakers. Cultural mixing did occur in specific grey suburbs, such as the well known Sophiatown, which was bulldozed by the authorities in 1960, for precisely this reason.

The present situation is one whereby cultures are once again discovering each other and this is obvious in the eclectic music and theatre scene, especially in the suburbs of Troyeville, Brixton and Melville. Sophiatown has resumed her name.

Any thoughts that Johannesburg may suffer from persistent cultural as well as climatic drought can be put to rest by paging through the Tonight supplement to the city’s main daily newspaper, The Star.

As well as the lively theatre scene, Johannesburg’s yearly festivals, which cover nearly every artistic field, are an engrossing way to sample different aspects of the city’s cultural life. Searchable daily listings of Johannesburg happenings and events can be found online.

Tickets to cultural events are available from Computicket (telephone: (011) 340 8000, facsimile: (011) 340 8900) or Ticketweb (telephone: (086) 140 0500). There is also a good online cultural guide.