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Last updated : Nov 2009
Tunisia Travel Guide
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‘Roman remains, French sophistication, yet completely Tunisian’

For such a small country – the tiniest in North Africa – Tunisia has alot to offer. A truly kaleidoscopic nation, ranging from the Mediterranean beaches to the Sahara desert, from ancient souks to Star Wars film sets.

Tunisia, the Arab-Berber nation is one of the most liberal in the Islamic world, where alcohol is available and women need not feel intimidated.

Tunis, the capital, reflects the country’s diversity. With the French colonial past as a far-reaching influence (it only gained independence during 1956), clearly in its cuisine that blends Arab spice with sophisticated French styles. Older history is unmistakable in the remains of what was Roman Carthage and the Roman ruins at Dougga and El Jem are some of the finest in Africa.

Despite its location, edging the Sahara, Tunisia is a fertile land. It has 6 National Parks, that around Lac Ichkeul is 1 of 2 UNESCO-protected Biosphere Reserves in the world. If you’re feeling quite energetic, the view from the near-deserted village of Takrouna over the mountainous north is beautiful. Visit to the central desert oasis like Zaafrane, Tozeur or Kebili with its hot pools.

Finally, when you tire of the culture, nature and history, simply lie on the beach and relax along its 1,400 kilometres (875 miles) stretch of Mediterranean coastline.
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