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Last updated : Nov 2009
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Cambodian Economy

The Cambodian economy was devastated by the war in South East Asia, regarding the rule of the Khmer Rouge between 1975 and 1979. With the ousting of the Khmer Rouge from power by the Vietnamese in 1979, a slow process of recovery has begun. The main source of employment is agriculture and progress has been slow but steady. The main staple is Rice; other products include bananas, maize, cassava, and sugar cane.

Other areas of growth is the timber industry but the domestic and foreign demands has created concern over rapid deforestation. Timber is, along with rubber, the main source of most of Cambodia’s export earnings. Other resources, which include iron, phosphates, ore, silicon, bauxite, and manganese, are limited. There is a small but quick-growing industrial sector focusing on the production of consumer goods, processed foods and light manufacturing. Foreign investment is key in this area and most has come from Eastern Asian countries, specifically Thailand that seek countries with lower labor costs.

Australia and Japan have replaced the former Soviet Union as Cambodia’s largest trading partners. Since 2000 Cambodia's GDP growth has reached 6% yearly with construction activity particularly extensive, especially in the capital. The 1997 currency crisis on the economy were transitory, given the relatively undeveloped state of the Cambodian economy. Cambodia is striving to be an Asian ‘tiger’ economy and is now a member, along with neighbouring Vietnam, the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN), the principal regional economic cooperation body.

Doing Business in Cambodia

Shirts and ties should be worn. Knowledge of French can be useful.

Business hours: Monday through Friday 07:00-17:00.

Commercial Information

For additional information, contact The Royal Embassy of Cambodia in Paris (see Contacts section).