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Last updated : Nov 2009
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Food and Drink

Restaurants and other businesses are plentiful in Phnom Penh. A popular eating experience are the numerous Food stalls in Phnom Penh and can easily be found in and around the Central Market, O Ressei Market and Tuol Tom Pong Market.


Many of the main hotels have nightly entertainment. The traditional Apsara dance performances are held from the months of November to March. Karaoke bars are numerous and popular with the local crowds.

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Cambodia's best buys include: Woodcarvings, brass figurines, antiques, checked scarves, papier mâché masks, items and jewellery made of gold, material for sarongs and hols, silver and precious stones.

Be advised that there are strict controls on the export of stone carvings, antiques and Buddha images in particular.

Tuol Tom Pong Market, the Old Market and the Central Marketare the best places for buying jewellery. Many of the above goods are also be found at the shop of the Fine Arts School.

Clothing and materials can be found at the Central Market.

Shopping hours: Monday through Friday from 8.00 am - 9.00 pm.

Special Events

The following is a list of special events celebrated in Cambodia:
Jan 22 Têt, Vietnamese and Chinese New Year
Apr Visak Bochea, Anniversary of the Buddha’s Birth
Apr 13-15 Chaul Chhnam, 3-day celebration of the Cambodian
New Year
May Chrat Prea Nongkoal, ceremonial beginning of the sowing season
Jul-Sep Buddhist ‘Lent’
Sep 24-26 Phchum Ben, offerings made to dead ancestors
Oct Bonn Kathem (religious festival)
Nov Festival of the Reversing Current or The Water Festival, canoe races are held in Phnom Penh; Bon Om Tuk, Phnom Penh and Siem Reap
Do's and Don'ts

Abstaining from politically related subjects in conversation is advisable.

 Do not point your foot at a person or touch someone on the head.

 Women should wear conservative clothing that covers the body.

 Do not photograph military installations, airports and railway stations. It is well-mannered to ask before taking photographs of Cambodian people, especially monks.


Tips are welcomed in hotels and restaurants where no service charge has been added, also by tour guides.
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