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Last updated : Nov 2009
China Duty Free
China Duty Free - TravelPuppy.com
Duty Free

The items listed below may be imported into China by travellers staying less than 6 months without incurring customs duty:

 400 cigarettes (2 cartons), 600 cigarettes(4 cartons) for stays longer than 6 months.

 two bottles ( 75cl) of alcohol (four bottles for stays longer than 6 months)

 a reasonable amount of perfume (enough for personal use)

Prohibited items

Ammunition, arms, pornography (photographs in Western magazines may be considered to be pornographic), radio transmitters/receivers, exposed but undeveloped film, fruit and certain vegetables, religious and political pamphlets (a moderate amount of religious material intended for personal use is acceptable). Any printed items directed against the public order and the morality of China.


Customs officials may seize video and audiotapes, records, books, and CDs to check for pornographic, religious or political material. Baggage declaration forms must be accomplished upon arrival noting all valuables (such as cameras, jewellery and watches); this may be checked on departure. Receipts for items such as jade, jewelery, handicrafts, paintings, calligraphy or like items should be retained in order to obtain an export certificate from the authorities upon departing. Without these documents such items cannot leave the country.