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Last updated : Nov 2009
Hong Kong Restaurant Guide - Budget
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El Pomposo
Price: HK$150. Wine: HK$220
Tucked below the first leg of the escalator to Mid-Levels and one of a string of quasi-Spanish hostelries, El Pomposo serves up imaginative and delicious tapas, such as tuna in tomato sauce or chicken with goat’s cheese. Its painted caverns beckon crowds in from the rain and its outdoor terrace is excellent in good weather, as one of Hong Kong’s few alfresco restaurants.
4 Tun Wo Lane, off Hollywood Road, Central
Telephone: 2869 7679. Fax: 2973 6589.
Price: HK$140. Wine: HK$198
A Mongolian barbecue situated in Wan Chai is a peculiar pairing but it works, as hordes of tourists attest. With tall bar-style stools and tables and an area for diners to choose their own ingredients for the Mongolian-style grill, the process allows diners to eat imaginative combinations of anything that a buffet full of ingredients and spices could possibly offer, filling their bowls and giving them to experienced chefs to be cooked. Choices vary from sliced meats and fish to oriental vegetables, such as Chinese cabbage and bean sprouts, with a wide range of sauces from Japanese teriyaki to Thai spice. The result is surprisingly pleasing for Hong Kong’s sleazy twilight zone. 1/2-price Monday nights are very popular.
Third Floor, One Capital Place, 18 Luard Road, Wan Chai
Tel: 2529 9117. Fax: 2529 9211.
Ning Po Residents Association
Price: HK$150. Wine: HK$200
More of A social institution rather than a restaurant, this is unknown to many Lan Kwai Fong revellers and displays no markings to indicate that it is a restaurant. However anyone who ventures to the fourth floor of this nondescript building can savour Shanghainese delicacies par excellence, such as steamed dumplings or noodles with green beans. The decor is very traditional Chinese-restaurant, with round tables, Chinese art on the walls and a canteen atmosphere.
Fourth Floor, Yip Fung Building, 10 D’Aguilar Street, Lan Kwai Fong, Central
Tel: 2523 0648.
Taco Loco Taqueria
Price: HK$150. Wine: HK$200
Located on the Mid-Levels Escalator, very convenient, cheap and popular, Taco Loco offers Californian Mexican food – great taste on a low budget. The restaurant has a darkly painted, narrow interior, with bench-style seating and bar stools along the windows overlooking the escalator. Machaca beef or barbacoa pork tacos for HK$12 or burritos for HK$28 put more expensive restaurants to shame. Even the beers are cheap – and of course Mexican.
Lower Ground Floor, 7–9 Staunton Street, Soho, Central
Tel: 2522 1262. Fax: 2522 0757.
Tsuih Wah Price: HK$80. Beer: HK$40
Opposite Yuen Kee, this is Central’s popular venue for after-party bingeing, Tsui Wah is greasy spoon meets noodle bar, with posters of specials and prices plastered on the walls. Every Chinese snack dish imaginable is offered here, such as Hainan chicken rice or stir-fried noodles. .
Ground to Second Floor, 15–19 Wellington Street, Central
Tel: 2525 6338.
Yuen Kee Sweeten Food Expert Price: HK$100. Wine: Unlicensed
Not to be missed– for better or worse – Yuen Kee sits directly outside Lan Kwai Fong and provides Central with a display of the patrons’ classy autos, never mind the food. This is a crowded, but plush, Chinese restaurant with wood panelled walls, gold friezes of dragons and phoenixes, and a round pool with a fountain in the main stairwell. This restaurant is in fact, reasonably priced. Everyone goes there to enjoy the delicious desserts – such as lotus seeds in almond paste – and everything else Cantonese. An institution and an asylum.
32–40 Wellington Street, Central
Tel: 2522 1624. Fax: 2840 0888.