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Last updated : Nov 2009
Hong Kong Restaurant Guide - Gastronomic
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The Boathouse
Price: HK$250. Wine: HK$190
A popular waterfront eating place for the seaside retreat of Stanley, The Boathouse is not exclusively seafood-focused but does offer some superb fish dishes, such as buckets of prawns, mussels, or clams, or Cajun sea bass. With its cool marine atmosphere, it is a touch – and taste – of class, after Stanley Market shopping.
86–88 Stanley Main Street, Stanley
Tel: 2813 4467. Fax: 2810 4467.
M at the Fringe
Price: HK$400. Wine: HK$225
With a largely loyal following, M at the Fringe has garnered a reputation as one of Hong Kong’s finest restaurants, serving splendid continental cuisine – such as bone marrow Bordelaise or salt-encased lamb – in a relaxed and artsy ambience.
First floor, South Block, 2 Lower Albert Road, Central
Tel: 2877 4000. Fax: 2877 0135
Email: reservations@m-atthefringe.com
Web site: www.m-atthefringe.com
Tokio Joe
Price: HK$450. Wine: HK$250
The American answer to fashionable Japanese cuisine, this restaurant offers American portions at Tokyo prices in a Tokyo setting. The décor is a classier version of a typical Japanese sushi bar, with a big central sushi counter surrounded by tables and booths for foursomes. The excellent rolls – sushi rolls of crab meat, avocado and mayonnaise – are, well … excellent. Tokio Joe easily dominates Lan Kwai Fong’s Japanese scene.
Ground Floor, 16 Lan Kwai Fong
Tel: 2525 1889. Fax: 2840 1234.
Va Bene
Price: HK$500. Wine: HK$325
The essence of Italian dining in Lan Kwai Fong, Va Bene has a stellar reputation, relaxing wood interior and astronomical prices. Their fine selection of breads, mouthwatering ossobuco and other delicious dishes can melt even the tightest wad.

58–62 D’Aguilar Street, Central
Tel: 2845 5577. Fax: 2537 6886.