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Last updated : Nov 2009
China Travel Guide
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'Cultural treasure-house of East Asia'

China’s cultural riches along with 5000 years of tumultuous history make it, without doubt, one of world’s best travel destinations. The Great Wall, X’ian’s Terracotta Army, the Forbidden Palace and Tiananmen Square: these very names reverberate with legend and history.

China’s has many paradoxes: Shanghai’s skyscrapers contrast Beijing’s historical treasures, while in rural provinces mechanisation still hasn't reached many traditional farming villages. Famous places and sights abound – this is the land of the Yangxi River, the Silk Route and the bamboo forests of the panda. Amazing Guilin brings to life the vistas of rivers and misty peaks in traditional ink paintings, while far to the west the fabled Tibetan city of Lhasa invites pilgrims to the ‘roof of the world’.

Chinese Cuisine– from noodles to Imperial banquets – ranks with the world’s finest. From acrobatics to martial arts, calligraphy to Chinese opera, the lively, unique culture of this amazing land is everywhere to be seen.

Presently reunited with mainland China, visually stunning Hong Kong provides a vibrant ‘shop till you drop’ lifestyle mixed with enclaves of tradition and peaceful outlying islands. Nearby, exotic Macau is a gambler’s heaven with colonial Portuguese flair.

China’s tourism infrastructure is quickly improving, however flexibility and patience are still required. In return, China offers visitors memories to be treasured for a lifetime.
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