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Last updated : Nov 2009
Macau Business Profile
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Macau has long been a significant distribution outlet for Chinese products and, in this respect, is quite similar to Hong Kong. Agriculture is small, there are very few natural resources and Macau is almost completely dependent on imported oil to meet its energy needs. The territory has an active manufacturing and export sector, the major products of which are china, toys, textiles, ceramics, optical products, rubber, furniture and shoes and boots.

Macau is also known in the region for its broad gambling facilities and the associated tourism has become a major source of income. Together, tourism and gambling account for about 2-3rds of Macau’s GDP. The Trade between Macau and the neighbouring Chinese Special Economic Zone of Zhuhai has grown quickly and contributed substantially to Macau’s present trade surplus. However, key infrastructure projects (particularly the new airport and the Nam Van land reclamation project) have, in different ways, fallen far short of expectations. China, Hong Kong and the United States of America are the territory’s major trading partners. The Sino-Portuguese agreement, under which Macau reverted to Chinese rule in December of 1999, guarantees the continuation of Macau’s economic status for a minimum of fifty years. Macau’s currency, the Pataca, has been retained indefinitely.

Business Etiquette

Businesspeople dress smartly. Calling cards are necessary and appointments should be made in advance and punctuality is much appreciated.

The World Trade Centre
16th Floor,
918 Edificio World Trade Centre
918 Avenida da Amizade

Telephone number: 727 666
Fax number: 727 633
e-mail: wtcmc@macau.ctm.net offers advice and assistance with various facilities for businesses, including a VIP Club restaurant.

Office hours: Monday-Thursday 0900-1300 hrs and 1430-1745 hrs, Friday 0900-1300 hrs and 1430-1800 hrs.

Commercial Information

The following organisation can offer advice:

Associação Comercial de Macau,
16th Floor,
Edificio ACM 5
Rua de Xangai 175

Telephone number: 576 833
fax number: 594 513.