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Last updated : Nov 2009
Macau Shopping
Macau Shopping Guide - TravelPuppy.com

Macau’s most popular buys are jewellery, predominantly gold and jade, electronic gadgetry, Chinese antiques, pottery, porcelain, cameras, watches and beading work. All are available at duty free prices as Macau is a free port and no sales tax is charged. Bargaining is expected on several items although most shops will have the same minimum price. Other popular buys are Chinese herbs and medicines, Chinese and Macau pastries, dried seafood (such as sharks’ fins), abalone, and locally made knitwear sold at stalls.

When purchasing gold, jewellery and antiques, it is recommended to patronise shops recommended by the Goldsmiths’ and Jewellers’ Association and the Macau Government Tourist Office. A warranty and a receipt should be requested when buying jewellery, watches, gold, cameras and electrical goods.

The primary shopping area is situated along the Avenida do Infante D Henrique and Avenida Almeida Ribeiro, São Domingos Market, Rua de Palha, Rua do Campo and Rua Pedro Nolasco da Silva.

Antiques and unique gifts may be found in Macau’s flea market in the lanes around Rua das Estalagens located near St Paul’s Ruins. There is an Artisan’s Fair each Saturday evening in Santo Agostinho Square. Excursions can be made across the Chinese border to Zhuhai, where the 1st floor of the Gongbei market is well known for ceramics, antiques, software and fabrics.

Shopping hours

Generally Monday to Sunday 1000-2000 hrs. Some shops may close on the 1st day of every month.

Duty Free

The following goods may be imported into Macau without incurring customs duty:

 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250g of tobacco products
 1 litre of wine and 1 litre of spirits
 other goods up to a value of MOP10,000
 one camera and 5 rolls of film and 1 film camera and 2 reels of film
 clothing articles, jewellery and sports articles
 one video cassette recorder
 one portable musical instrument
 one portable record player and 10 records
one portable radio
 one tape recorder
 one portable typewriter
 one portable computer.

Restricted imports:

 Fish, shellfish, meat and all plants require an import permit.

Prohibited items:

 Firearms, ammunition, gunpowder and explosives, narcotics, drugs, chemicals and pharmaceutical products, dangerous goods, radioactive substances and irradiating apparatus, endangered species of animals and plants and pesticides.


There is a 5% duty on the import of electrical appliances and equipment. There are no export duties, but as travel is almost invariably via Hong Kong, the relevant Hong Kong import/export regulations must be observed (see Hong Kong within the China (PR) section).