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Shanghai International Airport
Shanghai International Airport - TravelPuppy.com
Hongqiao Airport (SHA)
Tel: (21) 6268 8899. Fax: (21) 6269 0027.
Web site: www.shanghaiairport.com (Chinese only).

Shanghai’s Hongqiao Airport is Shanghai’s former main airport, now supplemented by Pudong Airport, which will become the new centre for international traffic. Traffic coming from Hong Kong, however – in theory a ‘domestic’ destination – still routes through Honqiao. Official plans were for all of Hongqiao’s international traffic to be routed to Pudong by October 2002. The airport is located 18km (11 miles) southwest of central Shanghai, about a 1/2-hour taxi ride away.

Major airlines

Air China (tel: (21) 6269 2999) is the national airline.

Domestic airlines include China Eastern Airlines (tel: (21) 6468 1166), China Northern Airlines (tel: (21) 6601 7594), China Southern Airlines (tel: (21) 6553 3623)China Northwest Airlines (tel: (21) 6601 7589), and China Southwest Airlines (tel: (21) 6601 7579).

Airport facilities

Banks, bureaux de change, post office, ATMs, luggage lockers, Angel Car Rental car hire, duty free and other shops, restaurants, cafés, and tourist information. There are also hotel booking services. keep in mind that, the standard of the facilities show the airport’s age in comparison to Pudong Airport, particularly when passengers are trapped inside it by the all-too-frequent flight delays.

Business facilities

Hongqiao Airport contains a business centre with fax and telex facilities and Internet access. The Shanghai International Airport Hotel (tel: (21) 6268 8888) has 24-hour business facilities and meeting rooms, telephones, photocopying, fax, and telex services. There are also VIP lounges.

Transport to the city

Four public bus routes operate from Hongqiao to central Shanghai (see Public Transport section in Getting Around). Also, a blue and white airport shuttle bus departs from outside the domestic arrivals. Shanghai Airport Bus Co. and the Shanghai Dazhong Bus Corporation run shuttle buses, which leave every 1/2 hour 06:00-21:00 (journey time – 30 minutes). space for Luggage is limited. The fare is RMB4-7, tickets are sold on the bus. Transfer buses to Pudong Airport depart from outside domestic arrivals every 1/2 hour 06:00-21:00 (journey time – 1 hour). The fare is RMB30. Additional information is available from Airport Shuttle Bus Services (tel: (21) 6834 6912 or 6645).

Metered taxis operate from the airport and are best taken from the main taxi stand in front of the domestic arrivals hall, thus avoiding touts. The fare is about RMB65 to central Shanghai, including toll fees (journey time – 1/2 hour). It is a good idea for tourists either to have the destination written in Chinese or a map handy.

Pudong Airport (PVG)
Tel: (21) 6834 1000. Fax: (21) 6834 2735.
Web site: www.shanghaiairport.com (Chinese only).

Pudong Airport is situated 30km (19 miles) southeast of Shanghai, on the East China Sea coast. Opened on 1 October 1999, Pudong Airport is Shanghai’s new international centre and is anticipating 20 million passengers each year during its first phase, eventually reaching a capacity of 80 million by 2005. The downside for this modernity is that Pudong is much further from central Shanghai than Hongqiao Airport is – driving times average 1 hour. This distance is one reason why Pudong Airport is due to get the prestige flagship project of a magnetic levitation shuttle linking it to central Shanghai. This is scheduled for completion in 2004.

Major airlines

Air China (tel: (21) 6269 2999) operates flights to and from Pudong.

Most other domestic carriers also serve the airport, including China Northwest Airlines (tel: (21) 6601 7589), China Eastern Airlines (tel: (21) 6468 1166), China Northern Airlines (tel: (21) 6601 7594),China Southern Airlines (tel: (21) 6553 3623) and China Southwest Airlines (tel: (21) 6601 7579). Additional major carriers include Air France, All British Airways, Canadian Airlines, Nippon Airways, Korean Air, Garuda Indonesia, Japan Airlines, KLM, Lufthansa, Malaysian Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Northwest Airlines, SAS, Qantas, Thai International, United Airlines and Virgin Atlantic Airlines.

Airport facilities

Facilities include ATMs, banks, post offices, bureaux de change, Angel Car Rental, restaurants and tourist information. There are also hotel reservation services, left-luggage, souvenir stalls, shops, cafés and public telephones.

Business facilities

The Pudong Airport Hotel (tel: (21) 6834 5092), situated on the airport site, provides 24-hour business facilities, including meeting rooms, telephone, photocopying and fax facilities. Catering services are also available. VIP lounges and Internet bars are located within the airport.

Transport to the city

Shanghai Airport Bus Co. and the Shanghai Dazhong Bus Corporation shuttle buses leaves every 1/2 hour 06:00-21:00 (journey time – 60-90 minutes) from in front of the arrivals hall, between doors 7 to 15. There are five Bus routes into the city, with only route five going to Pudong itself. The other routes go to Gongzhufen in western Beijing and to Zhongguancun in the northwest district. The fare is RMB15-20, tickets are sold inside the bus. Transfer buses to Hongqiao Airport cost RMB22 and leave every 1/2 hour 06:00-21:00. Additional information is available from Airport Shuttle Bus Services (tel: (21) 6834 6912 or 6645).

Metered taxis also operate from the airport – the fare to central Shanghai is about RMB170 (journey time – 60-90 minutes).

Approximate flight times

To Shanghai from:

 London: 11 hours

 New York: 22 hours

 Los Angeles: 16 hours

 Toronto: 16 hours

  Sydney: 10 hours

Departure tax

A RMB90 (international flights) or RMB50 (domestic flights) ‘construction fee’ must be paid in cash at both airports (only Chinese currency is accepted). There is no charge for children younger than 12 years old.
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