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Last updated : Nov 2009
Shanghai Sports
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Following the 2002 World Cup, football is Shanghai’s number one sport. Shanghai Stadium, 666 Tianyaoqiao Lu (tel: (21) 6426 6666), in the Xuhui District, epitomises the significance of sport in the city, although Shanghai’s Shenhua team can often be found playing at the Hongkou Stadium, 444 Dong Jiang Wan Road (tel: (21) 6540 0009), in Hongkou District, north of the city. Although the team still has not made the international football league they are still one of China’s best teams, consistently at the top of the First Division league standings.

Tickets for sporting events are sold at the individual venues, although many hotels might be able to assist guests with bookings.

As the wealth of Shanghai increased, leisure activities and sports venues of all kinds have proliferated. Many of these, particularly gyms and fitness centres in the hotels, cater to ex-pats, charging prices that match their expense accounts. Shanghai Stadium serves as a major centre for all kinds of events, including bungee jumping.

Fitness centres

Visitors wanting a quick work-out or a regular course of muscle flexing in Shanghai, have plenty of venues to choose from. Gold’s Gym has a branch located on the Second Floor, Jiu An Plaza, 258 Tongren Lu (tel: (21) 6279 2000), and Citygym has an outlet in the Shui On Plaza, 333 Huaihai Dong Lu (tel: (21) 5306 6868). Prices start at RMB100 per day. Additional gyms in town include Megafit, First Floor, Zhonghai Building, 398 Huaihai Dong Lu (tel: (21) 5383 6633), and Kerry Centre Gym, Shanghai Kerry Centre, 1515 Nanjing Xi Lu (tel: (21) 6279 4625).


Golf is an adjunct to important high-level business in Shanghai, with commensurate pricing. The 18-hole Tomson Golf Club, 1 Longdong Lu, Pudong (tel: (21) 5831 8888), charges green fees of RMB550 for weekdays and RMB750 at weekends. Other clubs, with a typical fee of about RMN400-850 for 18 holes, are Shanghai Honqiao Golf Club, 567 Hongxu Lu (tel: (21) 6275 2789; fax (21) 6275 2789), and the Shanghai Country Club, Zhu Jia Jiao, Qing Pu County (tel: (21) 5972 8111; fax: (21) 5972 8520).


Shanghai Racquet Club, 555 Jingfeng Lu, Zhudi Town (tel: (21) 2201 0000; fax: (21) 2201 0808), is one of the best facilities, with a programme managed by the Van Der Meer Tennis University. Guests can get lessons for RMN400 or join in a mixed Round Robin for RMN120. The Shanghai Jibao Tennis Club, 118 Xincheng Lu (tel: (21) 5999 7151), offers four courts with packages starting at RMB300 for 15 hours. Xianxia Tennis Centre, 1885 Hongqiao Lu (tel: (21) 6262 6720), offers courts for RMB40 per hour.
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