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Last updated : Nov 2009
Reverse Culture Shock in Hong Kong
Rating: (4.8 stars)

Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Mar 10, 2004 15:50

Pros: modern and english speaking city, easy transportation, easily accessible internet, a shopper's paradise
Cons: none

Travelling in Hong Kong and don't know the language? No Problem, everything's in English. Need a bus from the airport to downtown? It's easy, there are busses that run everywhere. Just get a ticket and enjoy a nice cushy seat with a great view while when you're on it. Need to get online? Piece of cake, it's free at the library. After a few months in India where burocracy and lines can be extremely difficult to deal with, Sarah and I found ourselves in Honk Kong, where sure, everything's expensive especially compared to India, but everything is also very easy. Getting around has never been so easy and almost everyone speaks English. Of course our room there was about the size of a walk in closet and cost about 4 times what a beachfront room in India wold be but still, it's nice to get around with such ease.

After this glowing first impression came the second impression. Hong Kong is one giant shopping mall. Again, really easy to get whatever you might need, but this doesn't exactly make it my ideal place to visit. We didn't have much of a choice since we needed to get our China visas which were, as you might expect, really expensive but easily gotten. With only a few days there, just being able to take the ferries and enjoy some new food was highlight enough for me.