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Last updated : Nov 2009
Shopping Already?!
Rating : (4.9 stars)

Shanghai, China
Nov 06, 2003 05:11

Pros: beautiful neon lights, lots of shopping to do
Cons: none

We arrived in Shanghai earlier than expected, and were through passport control and customs in less than half an hour. It was then just an hours taxi ride to our hotel. We are staying in the Pujiang Hotel. Frequented by Charlie Chaplin, Somerset Maughan, and other famous Twenties characters. We couldn't afford Charlie's favourite room but ours was very nice all the same with polished wood floors and wall panelling. How fantastic to find ourselves supplied with disposable slippers, toothbrush, comb, green tea and a TV with HBO - not what I imagined at all, but certainly a trend that was to continue throughout our stay in China.

Slept all afternoon, emerging for a drink and prawn dumplings in the famous Richards Bar later that evening.

The view from our hotel took in the Shanghai skyline in all its neon hazy craziness.

Woke up early the next day ready to explore, and find that only one full day into our trip and we are hitting the shops. Didn't buy anything as we're still struggling with the currency and the language, but what an experience to walk up the (allegedly) busiest shopping street in China.