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India Communications
India Communications - TravelPuppy.com

Most of the 5-star hotels provide fax service and many offices of the Overseas Communication Service in large cities have fax machines available.


ISPs include VSLnet and Narmada. Email is available in Internet cafes across the country.

Mobile telephone

GSM 900 networks. Network operators include AIRTEL, SkyCell, BPL Mobile and Bharti Cellular Ltd. Coverage is only available in the main towns.

Post Airmail service to Western Europe usually takes up to one week. Stamps are sold at most hotels.


Many local dailies are published in various languages.
Lots of them are published in English; the most important ones include

 The Times of India
 Indian Express
 The Hindu
 Hindustan Times
 The National Herald
 The Economic Times
 The Statesman


Voice of America and BBC World Service can be received. Occasionally the frequencies change and the most up-to-date can be found on the internet.


International 24-hour service from large hotels and telegraphic offices in major cities.


IDD service is widely available throughout India. Alternatively, calls can be placed through the international operator.

Country telephone code: 91.

Outgoing international code: 00.
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