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Last updated : Nov 2009
India Travelogues
India Travelogues - TravelPuppy.com
Great tips, diaries and tales from real people detailing their personal experiences and opinions. Their sense of adventure harnesses the joys of travelling. Providing useful information and personal views on India travel and never boring! We hope this information enables you to help plan your trip and the places that interest you.

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Featured tales
A Visit to Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and Jodhpur by Phillip Cullen

Pros: Friendly, Kind, Honest and warm people
Cons: none

They say 1st impressions are the best and nothing can prepare a first time visitor. Arrival in Delhi from Sydney is at midnight.... read more

Palace On Wheels - The Dream Journey

Pros: magical land with marvellous Havelis, delicious food, entertaining
Cons: none

Want to feel like royalty for a week? Then step into the regal splendour of the palace on wheels and cruise along in majestic style like the .... read more

Bollywood Star
Rated :   (5.0)

Pros: friendly people, interesting place
Cons: none

Yet another Indian travel 'experience' getting to Mt. Abu. The bus from Jaisalmer to Jodpur was nearly three hours late, for no reason.... read more

India - From Moghuls and Maharajas

Pros: Friendly people, interesting place, impressive monuments and building
Cons: none

New Delhi, the new town with its broad avenues, generous parks and buildings in the Colonial style laid out in the twenties by .... read more

Bangalore & Mysore
Rated :  

Pros: Interesting and beautiful place, modern, relaxed atmosphere, beautiful temples and parks
Cons: none

Bangalore is a very modern city with many reasonably prosperous residents. And to add to this it's a real centre for the computer... read more


I loved Pushkar ... miniscule in size, it was a peaceful, picturesque hamlet of roughly 12,000 inhabitants and 400 temples, encircling ... read more

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