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Last updated : Nov 2009
Bali Getting Around
Getting Around Bali - TravelPuppy.com
Transportation from Ngurah Rai international airport, 2.5 kilometres or 1.5 miles south of Kuta, is simple. Options include an official taxi counter, where you pay a determined price in advance, or walk across the airport car park and hail a metered cab. Another alternative is to board a taxi from the airport to Bemo Corner in Kuta for a fixed rate and then hire a metered taxi or a chartered bemo (minibus) to a more isolated destination - this saves a few thousand rupiah. Some tourists with little luggage can walk straight up the road to Kuta, although it's a more enjoyable stroll along the beach.

The main forms of public transportation on Bali are the inexpensive bemos and buses that run on more or less set routes within or between towns. If you want your own transport, you can hire a bemo or rent a car, bicycle or motorcycle. The Balinese drive on the left, use their horns constantly and give way to traffic pulling onto the roads. Tourist shuttles that run between the major tourist centres, are more expensive but are more comfortable and convenient.