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Last updated : Nov 2009
Bali International Airport
Bali International Airport - TravelPuppy.com
Denpasar Airport

The airport in Bali is often referred to as Denpasar (DSP is the airport code). Ngurah Rai airport is located in Tuban which is two miles south of Kuta beach and eight miles SW of Denpasar.

Telephone : (0361) 751011
Telex : 35177 D PERAP IA
Fax : (0361) 751032

You can actually walk from the beach to the airport and board a plane as a few tourists prefer to spend the extra hour in the water.

When arriving at Denpasar on an international flight you'll walk into a long hallway to the sound of gamelan music. At times processing can take a while but when you reach the counter there isn't much hassle as most of the people coming through are package tourists and travelers. Another 10 yards or so and you're out into the street and the humid air hits you. There won't be a shortage of taxis waiting to drive you to Kuta or wherever you want to go and these are affordable though it's best to ask inside the airport what the going rate is.
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