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Last updated : Nov 2009
Indonesia Duty Free
Indonesia Duty Free - TravelPuppy.com
The following may be imported into Indonesia by travellers over 18 years of age without incurring customs duty:

 200 cigarettes (1 carton) or 50 cigars or 100g of tobacco

 1 lit re of alcohol (opened)

 perfume for personal use

 gifts up to a value of US $250

Note: Cameras must be declared on arrival. Video cameras, radio cassette recorders, binoculars and sport equipment may be imported but must be exported on departure. Motion-picture film, video tapes, video laser discs, records and computer software is screened by the censor board.

Prohibited items

Non-prescribed drugs, weapons, ammunition, television sets, cordless telephones and other electronic equipment, fresh fruit, Chinese publications and medicines, and pornography.