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Last updated : Nov 2009
Indonesia Travel Guide
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'Fabled isles of sunshine and spices'

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Visitors should contact their local government travel advice department.

The islands of the Indonesian archipelago are strung like beads across the equator. Clear blue seas lap the immaculate beaches, calm breezes carry scents of spices and flowers, and divers are captivated by the ocean’s riches. Inland, striking volcanic ranges tower above green mantles of terraced hillsides and lush rainforests.

Bali conjures images of paradise: beautiful scenery, gentle sarong-clad people and sunsets of legendary glory. You can submerge in the surfing, nightlife and beach-party atmosphere, or encounter Ubud’s wealth of traditional arts and crafts. On peaceful Lombok, everything moves at a slower pace, whilst busy Jakarta exhibits Indonesia’s cosmopolitan and modern face.

Komodo Island’s home to the ‘living dinosaurs’ and the captivating ‘sea gardens’ of Suwalesi offer exploration, as do Borobudur’s architectural treasures, which include 5 kilometres or 3 miles of Buddhist relief carvings. Adventurers head for Kalimantan’s remote jungle interior or explore Sumatra, with its swarming wildlife and tribal groups.

A rich history of kingdoms, trade, conquests, and colonialism has bestowed an exhilarating mix of Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist. The indigenous tribal culture on the islands, colourful festivals and ceremonies stimulate every season. The archipelago’s diversity and size can appear overpowering however at an unhurried approach will reward you with your own taste of paradise.
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