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Last updated : Nov 2009
Jakarta Nightlife
Jakarta Nightlife - TravelPuppy.com
Although Jakarta is not a city packed with discos and clubs, you can find some interesting and lively dancing places to spend the late hours of the evening. In many hotels, you will find some small disco spot. Plenty of tourists will be found with a beer Bintang in one of the many cafes at the Jalan Jaksa and its vicinity. Some restaurants offer live music and food.

Bars and Cafés

Cafés in Jakarta usually mean pubs. At these places you can find alcohol drinks, and sometimes even live music.


The Shangri-la houses this popular. They host imported bands, and they get rocking at about 9:00. They also have a restaurant attached, that serves food. It gets crowded on the standard Friday and Saturday nights, and tends to be busy almost every night.


The Grand Hyatt has switched to using local bands. They get started at around 9:00.


This is the infamous place in Jakarta and some would say that no visit to Jakarta is complete with out a visit. It will cost about 20,000 rupiah's to get in and includes a drink and 20,000 per beer thereafter. It is not worth going to before midnight, and several (but no all) of the girls here are extremely friendly but are also working.


Next door to Tanamur is owned by the same people. On week days it costs nothing to get in. The disco area is slightly elevated and small. They also have a nice outdoor spot, with tables and chairs. Again not worth going to before midnight.


Located at the Pan Pacific Hotel, a nice bar and disco with Philippine live entertainment. This disco/bar gets busy late so go around 10:00 if not a little later.

Hard Rock Cafe

Two floors of rocking times. It is said to be one of the best Hard Rock Cafes in Asia. It is big and a great place to meet, drink and dance the night away. Good music and friendly atmosphere.

Cafe Jimbani

In the restaurant row of Kemang, Café Jimbani is built with Jakartanese architecture, with many structures a la Bale Bengong completely separate from the main building. A rectangular bar sits in the centre of the main building, and a small stage is situated with its back to the far wall.

Kafe Excelso

They can be found around Jakarta like Starbucks in Seattle. There is 1 in Plaza Indonesia, 1 in Blok M Plaza, and several others.

News Cafe

Starbucks meets CNN- mixing news with a restaurant and a café environment. Numerous Indonesian delicacies are on the menu, along with some Western dishes. TV screens bolted up on the walls of the café broadcast the latest news.

Twilite Cafe

Also in the restaurant row of Kemang, a stone's throw away from Jimbani, Twilite Cafe is 2-story home converted into a popular hang out. The front door is raised above the street level forcing you to walk around and up the stairs like a miniature Viennese mansion. Once inside, a chic and trendy life appears.

Classical Music

Jakarta isn't a great place for indigenous cultural performances, and if you're heading off to Solo or Yogya you're better off waiting. If not, the Gedung Kesenian , at Jl Kesenian 1 (telephone 021-3808283), just north of the GPO, offers classical music, ballet and wayang orang. The Bharata Theatre at Jl Kalilio 15, Pasar Senen (bus #15 from Jalan Kebon Siri), stages traditional wayang orang and ketoprak performances every night at 8pm. If you're in Jakarta on a Sunday, head for the Wayang Museum on Fatahillah Square in Kota , which offers a free four-hour wayang kulit performance at 10am.
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