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Last updated : Nov 2009
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Sulawesi is a land of high mountains, misty valleys and lakes and is also known unofficially as "Orchid Island". Bantimurung Nature Reserve lies in the south and is home to 1000's of exotic butterflies. The island is also home to geysers and hot springs, the most celebrated of which are at Karumengan, Lahendong, Kinilow, Leilem and Makule.

‘Land of the Heavenly Kings’ on Torajaland is noted for their richly ornamented houses and custom of burying the dead in vertical cliff side tombs. Ujung Pandang, formerly Makassar, is where the Pinsa Harbour where wooden schooners of the well known Buganese seafarers are moored. Fort Rotterdam was built by Sultan Ala in 1660, to protect the town from pirates and is now being restored. A popular island activity is horse-racing and bullock-racing and at Ranomuut there are races with traditional horse-drawn carts (bendi).
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