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Last updated : Nov 2009
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The 2nd-largest island in Indonesia is Sumatra straddles the Equator, with a volcanic mountain range, hot springs, unfamiliar jungles and vast plantations. There are dozens of reserves established to protect the native wildlife from extinction. Gedung Wani, Bengkulu and Mount Loeser Reserve organises safaris enabling visitors to see elephants, tigers, tapirs and rhinos at close hand.

Once a volcanic crater, Lake Toba is 900 metres or 3,000 feet above sea level and has an inhabited island in the middle. Lingga village near Medan is a traditional Karonese settlement with stilted wooden homes that have not changed much at all over the centuries. Bukittinggi is the old fortress of Fort de Kock and nearby a market, zoo, a renovated rice barn and the Bundo Kandung Museum. The more popular and best beaches are on the east coast.
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