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Last updated : Nov 2009
Bali, Indonesia
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Bali, Indonesia
Mar 02, 2002 01:44

Pros: nice place, interesting and friendly locals
Cons: none

Caught the late morning flight to Bali.

It involved a 4 hour transit stop in Singapore, but that was ok.
Singapore airport has the ability to keep even the most impatient passengers occupied.

For those that want to venture out can book on a free city tour taking in the sights of downtiown Singapore, including a boat ride along the river.

Inside the airport terminal they have 2 waterfalls, shower & refresher rooms, a outdoor swimming pool overlooking the aircrafts, shops, restaurants, films shown, childrens play area, cactus gardens, internet, even a game show setup called 'whats your range' in which 12 contestants (or should i say passengers) sit infront of a touch screen tv and answer a range of questions given to them by the cheesy speaking host! It's a cross between the price is right, countdown, and who wants to be a millonaire, Complete with a big stage stage lights, and cheesy music. I decided to sit in the audience seating area and munch my way through a packet of Sour cream & chive pringles!!
The contestant who gets the most questions right wins, and then is invited onto the stage where they choose 5 out of a 100 boxes which contain spending vouchers (up to S$1,000) in which they can use at the airport shops.

The winner of this game only won $380...but not bad considering he was just waiting in the departure lounge to catch his flight!.

Before i knew it i was boarding my flight to Bali.
On arriving at Bali it took me well over 1 hour to clear the immigration queue. I must have had the slowest immigration official in the world, who looked as if he was falling asleep at his desk!

Eventually after reaching the baggage area i soon realised that another passenger (who had a identical backpack to mine) mistakenly took my backpack instead of his and left the airport.

I couldn't believe it.
after filling in a lost bag form, i venured out onto the humid streets of bali now gone 11pm, nowhere to stay, and minus 1 backpack!!!!!

Finding a dodgy looking room i got a restless nights sleep, thinking about my missing bag that contained some camera equipment, and all my clothes.
The next morning i eagerly called the airport and was pleased to hear that the passenger returned my bag. Slightly relieved, i immedatley returned to the airport and collected my bag, that was untouched.

In the afternoon i changed hotels staying in a fairly plush hotel for $8 (inc breakfast) although the rooms fairly basic (bed with a spinning fan to circulate the humid air) the hotel has a inviting swimming pool in which to cool down in.

I'm staying in the tourist town of Kuta. Full of swanky looking shops, and grungy looking surfers. The streets are full of locals trying to get you to buy sunglasses, drugs, cheap watches, transport...etc It all becomes too much after a while.

On my second morning a man in his 40's approached me looking all 'cool'(or so he thought) he looked a bit like a Indian gangster. Complete with huge round sunglasses, wispy looking hair, moustauche, and a tight zip up leather jacket, with stonewash jeans.

I was wearing shorts and t shirt and was literally dripping in sweat from the humidity.

After getting through all the usual questions 'where you from, how long you been in Bali, are you alone, what shoe size do ya take'...etc.etc I'm sure they ask these sort of questions so they can sum up the sort of traveller you are, and how much they're potentially able to rip you off.

He started by asking me if i wanted to take a tour with him.

After politely refusing, he then asked me if i wanted to buy any drugs?
Again after refusing, he then invited me to go with him and meet as he put it:"some clean local girls with tight pussy to get jiggy jig, and boom boom with!!!"

I just stood there laughing at him. I thought he was a extremely amusing character, and wondered how he got by on his diverse buisness of being a cab driving, drug dealing, pimp. On the serious side though he was quite a sad character to be out there trying to earn a living this way. But he's not alone. There are plenty of others around Kuta just like him. All thanks to mass tourism, and the tourist's needs. (bare truth)

Spent the following 6 days relaxing by the hotel pool, and travelling around the south of Bali on my own motorbike. I didn't get too far though because of the traffic jams, and the lack of signposts had me going around in circles!
The man from the rental shop should have given me with a compass!
Luckily at the end of the day i managed to make it back to Kuta in one piece.
I simply followed the traffic back!