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Bali Sanur
Bali Sanur, Indonesia
Jan 09, 2002 17:30

Pros: good accommodation, amazing place
Cons: none

Hello all. Just a quick update to let you all know what we are up to.

We have finally left Thailand/Malaysia/Singapore behind and are in Bali now. The flight was fine. It was 2 hours long and we landed in Bali at 10pm. Coming out of the airport was similar to India (but not as bad). There were touts approaching us to get us to go to their hotel. Also it took 2 of them to take our baggage to the taxi. One to push the trolley and one to put his hand on the top of the bags. We decided to take up the offer from one of the touts. We headed of to Kuta (south of the island) and stayed at the Agung Hotel. It was lovely. We had an en-suite bathroom and it also had a pool - LUXURY! Kuta seemed to be the place where it all happened as there were many surf shops and bars and restaurants. We went to one restaurant in the evening and they had a live band. They were playing songs like Hotel California etc, they played their guitars very well but the same could not be said for their singing unfortunately! It was amusing, they even made up their own words.

We stayed in Kuta for 3 days and now we are in Sanur which is still in the south. We are at the Yulia Home Stay which is a very nice place. The owner has many birds that he enters into competitions for their singing. In the last 5 years he must have won about 100 trophies. Sanur is a lot more quieter than Kuta but still a very nice. We went to a fancy restaurant yesterday and they also had a band. They were from Sumatra. While we were eating they decided to come over and play to us. It was slightly embarrassing but fun. They did it to all of the other tables as well.

Tonight we are off to a restaurant by the beach to see some Balinese children dancing.

That is all for now