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Indonesia Visa - Passport
Indonesia Visa and Passport Information - TravelPuppy.com
  Passport ? Visa ? Return Ticket ?
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Australian Yes Yes Yes
Canadian Yes Yes Yes
USA Yes Yes Yes
Other EU Yes Yes Yes
Japanese Yes Yes Yes
Restricted entry

(a) Israeli nationals will be declined entry unless they have applied to the Immigration Office in Indonesia, prior to travelling, to obtain approval/special permit.

(b) CIS Nationals travelling to Indonesia as tourists, business or social purposes, need consent from the Immigration Office in Indonesia before travelling. Chinese Nationals (PR) should also have sponsorship in Indonesia.

(c) All applications for tourist, business and social visits from nationals of Afghanistan, Albania, Angola, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Cuba, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Korea (Dem Rep), Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Tonga need special approvals from the Immigration Department in Indonesia.

Note: East Timor is now and independent country and no longer a part of Indonesia. Those wanting to travel to this area should contact the nearest United Nations office in the country where they live.


A passport valid for at least 6 months from date of entry is compulsory from all nationalities.


Visas are required by all except the following for tourist stays of up to 30 days (non-extendable):

(a) Brunei, Chile, Hong Kong (SAR), Macau (SAR), Malaysia, Morocco, Peru, The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam nationals.


(a) All business and journalists travellers regardless of nationality require visas and special permission.

(b) All children travelling with parents who require visas need to have visas, even if travelling on their parents’ passports.

(c) All travellers require sufficient funds in cash (at least US $1,000) and/or travellers cheques. Credit cards are no longer acknowledged as proof of a traveller’s financial status when applying for a visa or travelling to Indonesia, due to the fact that there has been habitual misuse of credit cards and credit limits.

(d) Nationals on a visa-free facility may also do so if on an official visit (eg attending an official international conference) or working in an Indonesian or foreign vessel operating within an Indonesian archipelago or territorial seas, or construction works at installations within the Indonesian Exclusive Economic Zone of Continental Shelf.

(e) Visas can be granted upon arrival for certain nationals, entering from certain ports of entry. These are valid for up to 30 days and may be extended by another 15 days.

(f) Special visas may be acquired for journalists/ photographers; consult the nearest Embassy/Consulate.

Warning: Visitors who exceed their visa-free stay are subject to severe fines and possibly deported.

Types of visa and costs

Single-entry: £35 for up to 60 days.

Multiple-entry*: £125 for up to 1 year.

Transit: £15. All fees are non-refundable. The administration fee for approval and authorisation is £5.

Note: *Multiple-entry visas are issued for business trips only and require approval from the Immigration Office in Indonesia.


 Single entry visas are valid for 3 months from date of issue for a maximum stay of 60 days.

 Multiple entry visas are valid for a maximum of 1 year, with the length of each stay lasting no longer than 60 days. The first entry to be made within 3 months of date of issue.

 Transit visas are valid for 3 months after the date of issue for a period of up to 14 days.

Apply to:

Visa sections at Embassy; also see Contact section. All visitors should process their visas at the visa section at the Embassy before entry to Indonesia.

Application requirements

Tourist visas and visa-free short visits:

(a) Passports valid for at least 6 months (18 months for those applying for multiple-entry business visas) from date of entry.

(b) One application form. The original not a photocopy, signed by the applicant.

(c) One passport size photo.

(d) A bank statement dated less than 1 month with a minimum balance of at least £1,000 or equivalent. If proof of sufficient funds cannot be provided for nationals applying for a transit visa, a letter guaranteeing financial support for the applicant from an external person or body, together with relevant documentation to support this claim, must be submitted as an alternative.

(e) Onward or return tickets that may be purchased at point of entry.

(f) Fee payable in cash or by postal order only.

(g) A pre-paid special delivery envelope for mail applications.

(h) A travel itinerary.

(i) An International Certificate of Yellow Fever Vaccination, if travelling from or stopping at infected areas, presented to Immigration Officers at ports of entry.

(j) Letter dated less than 1 month from national’s employer. If you are self-employed, submit a confirmation letter from national’s solicitor, accountant or bank manager. If you are a student, submit confirmation letter of attendance of school, college or university. If you are travelling on the basis of providing domestic help (ie as an ‘au pair’), the employer’s passport must be submitted along with a photocopy of the passport and a letter from the employer.

Business visas:


(j) A letter from the applicant’s company in home country and the sponsor or counterpart in Indonesia stating the reason and duration of the visit and guarantee of financial responsibility and responsibility for arrangement of accommodation.

(k) A written approval from the Indonesian Immigration Department.

Social Visit visas:


(j) A letter of invitation from the applicant’s friends, family or relatives in Indonesia stating the reason and duration of the visit and details of accommodation.

Working days required

2 to 3 for personal applications; 7 for postal applications. Applications that need referral to the authorities in Indonesia may take 2 months or more.

Temporary residence

People wishing to stay and work in Indonesia need to request directly to the Immigration Office in Indonesia for a Temporary Stay Visa. The Embassy in London does not issue the visa unless, and until, special authorisation is given by the Immigration Office in Indonesia.

The visa is applicable for 12 months and can be extended. The cost is £100. It is advised to have your Indonesian sponsor submit the application directly to the Directorate General of Immigration in Jakarta. For more information on temporary residence, please contact the visa section at the Embassy (see Contact Addresses section).

Note: People wanting to travel to Aceh, Irian Jaya and Maluka must obtain a special permit from the Indonesian Immigration Office and the State Police Headquarters in Jakarta. Upon arriving in Aceh, Irian Jaya and Maluka, visitors must report to the local police office. Permits are issued at the sole discretion of the immigration authorities on presentation of a valid passport, a return ticket and several passport photographs.


Entry and exits need to be made from one of the authorised 17 airports, 24 seaports or the authorised overland entry point in Etikong (West Kalimantan). Contact the nearest Embassy/Consulate for further information.
Nationals from the following countries may enter and exit Indonesia through any immigration check points: Brunei, Chile, Hong Kong (SAR), Macau (SAR), Malaysia, Morocco, Peru, The Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

Note: Chinese nationals (PR) may enter and exit from the following airports or seaports only:

Air: Denpasar Bali (Ngurah Rai), Jakarta (Halim/Soekarno-Hatta) and Medan (Polonia).

Sea: Belawan (Medan), Tanjung Perak (Surabaya) and Tanjung Periok (Jakarta).
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