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Ton Ten Ton
Imari, Japan
Oct 24, 2004 15:00

Pros: The Ton Ten Ton Festival
Cons: none

The Ton Ten Ton Festival is a festival held in my city every year. It involves 3 days of shrines fighting in different locations until the climax when both shrines fight their way into the river! One shrine represents the 'god of the fish' and the other is the 'god of the rice'. They are crashing into each other throughout the weekend(often falling on and sending people to the hospital) and finally they fight by the river. When they fall in, whichever is brought out first is the winner and the following year that god will be lucky and either the rice paddies will do well or fishing will be good.

Angel (NY State, America), Geovana(Brazil), and I danced in the street while they played Ton Ten Ton music - then we spent time looking at the different street vendors set up. There were lots of them - as there are at all festivals - and they were selling masks, candied fruits, corn on the cob, octopus, and lots of different things. It was interesting and I ate candied strawberries - mmm!

We are wearing Yukatas in the pictures. Yukatas are the summer version of kimonos.
Hope you like the pictures. You can also see my city in the background - can you read the signs?