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Last updated : Nov 2009
Korea North General Info
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122,762 sq kilometres (47,399 sq miles).

Population of Korea North

22,541,000 (UN estimate 2002)

Population of Pyongyang

2,741,260 (1993).

Population Density

183.6 per sq kilometre.


The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea shares borders in the east with the Sea of Japan, in the west with the Yellow Sea, in the north with China and in the south with the demilitarised zone (separating it from the Republic of Korea). Much of the land has hills and low mountains so there is only a small area for cultivation. Soil conservation programmes, intensive water and land reclamation from the sea are given a high priority. The eastern coast is rocky and steep with mountains rising from the water and this area consists of many waterways.


Communist Republic.

Head of State: President Kim Jong-Il since 1994.

Head of Government: Prime Minister Hong Song-nam since 1997.




Buddhism, Christianity and Chundo Kyo are officially cited as the main religions.


GMT + 9


110/220 volts AC, 60Hz
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