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Last updated : Nov 2009
Korea North Getting Around - Internal Travel
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There are flights from:


Foreigners are not allowed to use any of the above.


The extensive rail network built by Japanese people during World War II has been broken by the separation of South and North Korea; however, the major passenger routes run from Pyongyang to Chongjin, Haeju and Sinuiju but the service is quite slow. Timetables are not published here and it is suggested that visitors buy tickets through the travel agent before travelling by rail.


Traffic drives on the right hand side. The main roads are of good quality and many are dual carriageways. All the roads leading out of Pyongyang have police security checkpoints where identity documents must be produced before continuing the journey. Buses are unavailable between cities and there are very few road signs.

International driving licences are not accepted and it is essential to have a local driving test and get a local licence to drive within the country.


Pyongyang has a 2-line metro and regular bus services.

Travel times
    Road   Rail
 Diamond Mt
10.00 -
8.00 6.00
1.30 8.00
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