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Last updated : Nov 2009
Korea North Getting There - International Travel
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Air Koryo (JS) is the national airline of Korea North.

China Northern Airlines (CJ) also serves Korea (Dem Rep) during the summer months.

Direct flights run 4 times per week from Beijing (China) with both airlines. Air Koryo also operates weekly flights to Beijing and Shenyang (China), Bangkok (Thailand), Macau (SAR), Moscow and Vladivostok (Russian Federation).

Approximate flight times

FromLondon to Pyongyang is about 13 hours.

International airports

Pyongyang (FNJ) (Sunan)

Located 24 kilometres (15 miles) from the city with a travel time of about 45 minutes.

Bars, restaurants and duty free shops are the available facilities here.

Departure tax: None.


Major international ports include Chongjin, Haeju, Hungnam, Kimchaek, Kosong, Najin, Sinuiju, Sonbong, Songnim, Unsang, Wonsan and Nampo, the port of Pyongyang.  


A fairly good rail network connects North Korea with China and the Russian Federation.

The Trans China Railway and Trans Mongolian Railwayruns between China and Shineuiju.

Namyang connects to the Trans Manchurian Railway and the Trans Siberia Railway links Rajin with the Russian Federation.

Routes are unavailable to the Republic of Korea; however, people from both North and South Korea hope that these may open sometime in the future, following negotiations between them.


There are roads available from Dandong, Jilin, Liaoyang , Lu-ta and Changchun in China and Vladivostock in the Russian Federation to North Korea, but foreigners are only permitted to go into the country by rail or by air.