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Last updated : Nov 2009
Korea North Social Profile
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Food & Drink

Restaurants with reasonable prices are easily found in the main towns and cooking basically depends on the staple food of rice. In hotels and restaurants, it is recommended to select the Chinese, Japanese or Korean items on the menu as experience of Western and Russian cooking is a little rare. Eating out can be arranged by the tour guides.


A night at the revolutionary opera offers an amazing experience. In addition, there are musical events and circuses of a very high quality.

Special Events

The following are the special events that are celebrated yearly in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. For more details, contact the National Tourism Administration of the DPRK (see Contacts section):
May 1st May Day
August 15th Liberation Day, with parades in Pyongyang
Social Conventions

Discretion and a low political profile are advised.


Before taking a photo, it is highly advised to ask for permission while photographs of Korean officials or guarded buildings should be avoided.


Official tipping is frowned upon, although some hotel staff may expect a tip.
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