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Last updated : Nov 2009
Korea South General Info
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99,313 sq kilometres (38,345 sq miles, excluding demilitarised zone).

Population of Korea South

47,925,318 (official estimate 2003)

Population of Seoul

9,853,972 (2000).

Population Density

482.6 per sq kilometre.


The Republic of Korea (Korea South) shares borders in the east with the Sea of Japan (East Sea), in the west with the Yellow Sea, in the north with the demilitarised zone (separating it from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) and in the south with the Korea Strait.

A variety of bays, islands and peninsulas are in the Korea Strait. Cheju-do, the volcanic island, lies off the southwest coast. Most area in Korea South comprises hills and mountains and 30% of flat plain has the majority of the population and cultivation. Most of the rivers rise from the mountains to the east, flowing west and south and then to the Yellow Sea. The Naktong River flows into the Korea Strait near the southern port of Busan. The east coast is rocky and steep with mountains rising from the sea.


Republic since 1945.

Head of State: President Roh Moo-Hyun since 2002

Head of Government: Prime Minister Lee Hai-Chan since 2004 




Mahayana Buddhism with a massive Christian minority. Also Confucianism and Chundo Kyo, which is strange to Korea and combines elements of Shamanist, Buddhist and Christian doctrines.


GMT + 9.


110/220 volts AC, 60Hz. Government policy is to take out the 110 volt supply and various hotels currently have a 220 volt supply.
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