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Last updated : Nov 2009
Seoul Conference Centers
Seoul Conference Centers - TravelPuppy.com
For information regarding conferences and conventions please contact :

Korea Exhibition Centre (COEX)
World Trade Center
159 Samsong-dong
Seoul 135-731

Telephone number: (2) 6000 0114
Fax number: (2) 6000 1302
Website: www.coex.co.kr or

Korea Convention and Coordinating Committee
PO Box 903
c/o Korea National Tourism Organisation
10 Da-dong
Seoul 100-180
Republic of Korea

Telephone number: (2) 729 9600
Fax number: (2) 757 5997
E-mail: einfo@mail.knto.or.kr
Website: www.tour2korea.com or www.knto.or.kr

This organisation can also offer advice and information on meeting facilities in the Republic of Korea.

There is also a new convention centre:

International Convention Centre Jeju
2700 Jungmun-dong
Seoguipo City
697-120 Jeju

e-mail: webmaster@iccjeju.co.kr
website: www.iccjeju.co.kr