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Last updated : Nov 2009
Seoul Getting Around
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Public Transport

Seoul Metropolitan Subway Corporation (SMSC) (telephone number: (02) 520 5000 or 1577 1234).

Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation (SMRT) (telephone number: (02) 6211 2200).

The Korean National Railroad (KNR) (telephone number: 1544 7788) operate Seoul’s subway.

Korea South’s efficient internal rail network links the capital to towns and cities throughout the country and extends as far as Sintan-ri to the north, Pohang in the east, Yeosu in the south and Daecheon in the west. Services are operated by the Korean National Railroad (KORAIL) (telephone number: 1544 7788).

The centrally located Seoul Station (telephone number: 1544 7788) and Cheongnyangni Station (telephone number: 1544 7788) in the east of the city are the capital’s main railway stations.

July 2004 saw the inauguration of Seoul’s new bus routes. Yellow buses serve the city centre, green buses operate on local routes, blue buses serve suburban routes and red buses connect downtown Seoul to the metropolitan area.


Taxis can be caught at stands or hailed on the streets. Red lamps on the roof indicate that a taxi is available. Most of the taxi drivers don’t speak any English. Premiums are charged for hire between 2400 hrs and 0400 hrs, and for Deluxe Taxis (telephone number: (02) 3431 5100), which are black and have ‘Deluxe Taxi’ written on their sides. Mini-van taxis (telephone number: (02) 992 7000) and visitors guide taxis are also available to hire. The latter have drivers who speak English and Japanese and are available at the airport and hotels.

Car Hire

Over 21s who have held a driving licence for at least one year can hire cars. Foreigners also need to present their passport and International Driving Licence.

Car Hire companies include:

Avis (telephone number: 1544 1600
Car For You (telephone number: (02) 588 6333 or 1588 1006
Kumho (telephone number: (02) 797 8000 or 1588 1230)
Rits (telephone number: 1588 7746)

Bicycle Hire

Travelling around the city centre by bicycle is not recommended, however a cycle path runs 37km (23 miles) along the river between the metropolitan areas from Yanghwa and Gwangnaru. Bikes are available for hire at various points along the route. For further information, check www.visitseoul.net.