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Last updated : Nov 2009
Seoul Travel Guide
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In Korea South’s intoxicating capital Seoul, the old and new intertwine. On the surface, Seoul is a thoroughly modern city dissected by the River Han and cluttered with towering skyscrapers and many glitzy shopping malls. It is a city driven by the world of commerce, where the pace of life is normally exciting and the streets seem choked with traffic. However, on closer inspection travellers discover beautiful and ornate palaces, peaceful Buddhist temples and wonderful gardens. It is not just the city’s architecture that is varied, with the fast-food chains and international restaurants co-existing alongside classical Korean establishments serving the fiery and pungent hot kimichi. Street hawkers, selling everything from tasty ddukbokki (rice cakes with red pepper paste) to tailored suits and traditional dress, are also an inherent part of the city’s fabric, as are its pleasant tea houses and coffee shops.

Seoul’s cultural life is equally diverse, and has everything from world-class performance art to galleries and museums displaying the fine art and traditional works, covering many facets of life in Korea South. It is quite usual to stumble across traditional music or dance performances, yet karaoke bars are every bit as much part of the fabric of 21st-century Seoul.