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Last updated : Nov 2009
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The Seoul City Tour Bus (telephone number: (02) 777 6090) operates along four main routes giving visitors the opportunity to familiarise themselves with downtown, the city’s palaces, the World Cup Stadium and Seoul at night. Tours are hop on and hop off with buses running every thirty minutes.

Enjoy an alternative perspective of Seoul from the meandering Han river from one of 6 ferries that ply its waters. Tours last 1-1.5 hours and take in some of the city’s landmark sights including the Seoul World Cup Fountain and the distant Seoul Tower. Cruises leave from the Chamsil, Yoido, Nanji, and Yanghwa piers. Contact the Semo Pleasure Boat Company (telephone number: (02) 785 4411) for further information.


Located in the northern part of Seoul, the hulking granite rocks of the Bukhansan National Park, whose name translates as ‘big mountain’, provide a tranquil escape for the city’s citizens who flock here to admire the striking views, explore the mountain paths and visit the Bukhansan Seong Fortress and the Sangunsa, Seungasa and Munsusa temples. The Park Office (telephone number: (02) 909 0497, website: www.npa.or.kr) can provide more information.

Northwest of Seoul Ganghwado Island is home to 127 dolmens (giant prehistoric tombs) whose cultural and historical significance earned them a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2000. A handful of traditional temples are also located there and are amongst the island’s other attractions.