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Last updated : Nov 2009
Korea South
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Korea South
August 5th, 2004

Pros: Interesting history
Cons: Very hot and humid

I arrived in Soktcho the following day. I was now officially in Asia.
It didn’t feel like Asia in Vladivostok or wherever the Europe- Asian border was. Here the neon lights, the densely populated country.

I visited Seoul the capital and Pusan a big city in the south, a big merchant port. The weather was very hot and humid. Quite difficult for me to adapt, I much prefer the cold.

Korea South is a small country. Its history is very interesting.
It’s very modern and the technology rivals with Japan.

Once again the friendliness was touching, people this time asking me where I wanted to go, lending me their mobiles phones or sharing an umbrella on a rainy evening. Little things that reassure you that people are mostly nice, despite what is said on the news.

I was also surprised of how pushy parents were asking their children to go and speak English to me. What if I had said no?

I found very funny the fact that some women became hysterical for no apparent reason, that many of them couldn’t swim and that it was forbidden to swim at night.