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Last updated : Nov 2009
Camp Korea
Shuncheon, Korea Rep
14th December, 2004

Pros: Great camp so far
Cons: None

Well this is my first log in my new site. Exciting isn't it?!? I am in Chuncheon, Korea South now, with about a week left in a month long English summer camp. Had a bit of a scary week as I had some troubles with immigration and had to rely on my boss to save me from deportation! fun times fun times.

So my first log will be about Camp Korea. Its been a great camp so far (besides the above mentioned) had a great group of kids in the first two weeks. And the second group is starting to grow on me. Haven't been to adventurous on the weekends, prefering instead to relax and unwind with a bottle of soju.hehe.

Starting to get geared up for my big trip. Will be leaving here in a couple of weeks, passing through Hong Kong for a few days and then on to Vietnam on land through southern China. After Vietnam it's on to Cambodia and maybe Laos and then a flight from Bangkok to Kalcutta in India. Few weeks there then to Nepal to do Everest base camp. Next its Tibet and through northern China, then back here to Korea for winter camp. Should be a blast as I am traveling with a good Irish mate. Anyways I'll be sure to keep you updated!