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Last updated : Nov 2009
Found out what
Incheon, Korea South,
June 21st, 2005

Pros: None
Cons: some taxi drivers

I landed in Incheon Airport in Korea South which is on the West side of the country approximately 40 mins outside of Seoul, where my brother's place was. My flight had been delayed by 1 1/2 hrs. so all of the buses had since stopped running. I looked for the nearest computer so that I could see what my options were, then ultimately call my brother. The whole walk through the airport to locate a phone was interesting, because I was being tailed by several local taxi drivers similar to crows circling a dead animal. The most successful one approached me and before I could put money into the computer had already done so. I explained to him that I didn't need help, but he just stood there waiting patiently. After realizing that I had almost no other options and checking his credentials, we were off. However, I failed to negotiate the price(knowing that everything is regulated so it should be ok). However, this spawned another great post to my trip to Asia.

Once I arrived in Seoul I stepped out of the van to greet my brother and his friend Brian who had just recently moved to Korea. Almost immediately after exiting the van I here the driver and my brother talking loudly to each other. Next thing I know I'm playing tug of war with my luggage! After battling over who said what we end up in the police station (also known as a "kyongch'also"). Long story short my brother had searched on the internet and seen that his company charges 60,000 won (approx. $62.00 US) to drive to Seoul, but he wanted over 100,000 won. We worked it out without much squabble, but I thought it was cool that my first attraction in Korea was the Kyongch'also.

I finally made it to Seoul to visit with my brother before heading to Po'hang to start my new job. The pictures here are of the place my brother was living at the time. He had just returned to Korea a few weeks before I got here, so he was staying in a small place that could be rented by the week. It was a 5 X 10 X 7!! No windows, a desk, and a twin bed. Usually when people ask if they can stay over somewhere you're likely to hear the response, "Sure, but I don't know where you'll be sleeping?" my brother ACUALLY meant it. haha
We managed to be fine however, but I can imagine some not being able to cope. The location was great of course, living in the center of Seoul in a providence called "YangJae". Two of the pictures were taken on the rooftop (You can see the mountains in the background behind the skyline).