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Last updated : Nov 2009
West of Korea South
West of Korea South - TravelPuppy.com
South of Seoul, Korea South’s western area is famous for its jagged stunning coastline and its varieties of National and Provincial Parks, especially the Kyeryongsan National Park which features the 2 attractive temples of Kapsa and Dongkaksa. 35 kilometres (20 miles) apart, both Kongju and Puyo were once the capital of the ancient Paekche kingdom. Presently, many burial mounds are still to be found in the area and both towns posses branches of the National Museum providing displays of artefacts dating back over 1,000 years.

The Kongju National Museum also boasts the crowns and other treasures excavated from the tomb of King Muryeon. A nearby reconstruction of the tomb is open to tourists. The Nakhwaam Rock, located not far from Puyo, is well-known for the tragic suicide of 3,000 women of the Paekche court during the last days of the Paekche dynasty in the 7th century AD.

Further south, Teogyusan National Park features several waterfalls and is as famous as the southernmost skiing area in Korea (Rep). Situated at the foot of Mount Maisan, the temple of Tapsa is famous for its 80 unique pagodas, built with thousands of small stones by a Buddhist hermit.