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Vientiane Festival - Events
Vientiane Festivals and Events Guide - TravelPuppy.com
Most Buddhist festivals are held on a full moon day. The dates of other holidays may not be fixed either.

Lunar New Year
Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai Dam New Years
holidays are marked by special celebrations.
The Chinese Lion dance, accompanied by cymbals,
drums and gongs, is performed at homes and
businesses to bring good fortune.

Pii Mai
During this week-long celebration, Buddha images
are cleansed with perfumed water to begin the
Lao New Year. People also are "cleansed" by well -
wishers tossing water on them as they pass by.
It is impossible to stay dry during this time!

Rocket Festival
Rockets are made from bamboo and other necessary
materials to make workable rockets. The rockets are
then launched into the sky to call upon rains for rice
planting. Each village holds its own weekend
celebration during this time.

Boat Festival
At the end of Buddhist Lent, Vientiane hosts longboat races on the Mekong River. Villages from near and far participate in this exciting event

Boun That Luang
At the full moon in October/November, 28 days after the end of Buddhist Lent, monks from all over the country gather at the renowned That Luang stupa to receive alms, meditate and pray. Hundreds make the pilgrimage to That Luang for this event, including colorful processions, a handicraft fair, displaying by businesses and foreign embassies, food stalls and fireworks.